Facio recognises that the needs, the goals and the people in every business are different.

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Facio was established to facilitate client requirements for dedicated expertise in the design, sourcing, manufacture and support for new, exciting, innovative and cost-effective products.

By working with global manufacturers and distributors, product designers and international organisations, Facio has designed and sourced a unique portfolio of innovative products from around the world, which will enhance and support your life in the office or at home.

What works for one business may not be right for another, so as ergonomics experts we are able to listen first and then research and advise on the solutions that are right for you and your staff.

We work with some of the world’s leading office ergonomics manufacturers and we also produce some of our own specialist ergonomics products, so with many years of experience in this field and the best products available to us, we can almost always find the solutions that you need.

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We'd love to hear from you if you have a project or requirement requiring technology support ergonomics.


Whitepaper: Is it possible to work comfortably on a tablet? Whitepaper: Is it possible to work comfortably on a tablet?

The use of tablets at work is on the rise. This means that employees are also using their tablet to conduct their everyday work activities like answering e-mails and writing longer pieces of text. The problem now, however, is that tablets were never designed for these more lengthy tasks. So how can they be used both productively and comfortably? Read the [...]

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Published May 01, 2018
Is flexible working the pair of jeans of the management world? Is flexible working the pair of jeans of the management world?

Like the world of fashion, innovative work methods, HR trends and management interventions are subject to trends; hip and happening for a time, before quickly falling out of style. However, one particular hype appears to have made a lasting impression; flexible working. What does flexible working mean? For decades, a lot of work in industrialised countries happened in office environments between the [...]

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Published Apr 10, 2018
WHITE PAPER: The effect of light on performance WHITE PAPER: The effect of light on performance

The parallels between astronauts and office workers In this article we explore the effect of light on performance. It is widely known that light has an effect on our wellbeing. In general, north Europeans suffer more from afflictions such as winter depression than central Europeans do. This disparity is explained by the number of daylight hours; in winter, a city such as Reykjavik sometimes has fewer than [...]

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Published Mar 07, 2018
Interventions for workplace vitality; a comparison Interventions for workplace vitality; a comparison

Workplace Vitality helps employees to be more active Modern technology lends itself to us spending a large part of the day sitting down. We have cars, laptops, home delivery services and Netflix; little physical activity is required on an average weekday - so how can we encourage workplace vitality? Many medical and psychological researchers question whether so much sitting is good for the [...]

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Published Feb 07, 2018