Is your computer monitor giving you eye strain in the office?

Eye strain in the office – who hasn’t had it? Tired, dry or sore eyes after working on a computer for a long period of time? It is a familiar phenomenon.

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Research has shown that eye complaints occur often. Within a years’ time almost 40% of PC-users said they experienced complaints lasting more than 3 days (Toomingas, 2012).

Computer monitor work is not the cause of eye problems!

However, it is not so that eyes deteriorate as a result of working for lengthy periods with a computer. Mostly existing eye problems, e.g. long-sightedness, cause complaints and discomfort during the performance of VDU-work. Problems with sharp vision are simply noticed earlier with VDU-work, as sharp vision is an essential part of such work.

What can you do to reduce complaints and discomfort?

  • Ensure that the VDU is set up right and choose a high-quality VDU that is appropriate for your work. For more information, see this article.
  • Have your eyes examined if complaints persist and ask for advice about whether you need to wear computer glasses or not.
  • Ensure a good working environment, the air must not be too dry. Regularly blinking one’s eyes is important to ensure that one’s eyes are kept moist. Take special care here, as one is less inclined to blink the eyes when one is staring at a computer screen.
  • Ensure that the room is well lit and shaded from the sun to avoid nuisance reflections.

NHS Guidelines on eye strain in the office:

Working for long periods on a computer can make your eyes feel tired or strained.

You may develop:

  • eye discomfort
  • headaches
  • itchy eyes
  • difficulty focusing

While working on the computer:

  • pause now and again and look into the distance or stare out of the window
  • blink your eyes now and again
  • stretch your head and neck

You should also take frequent short breaks away from the computer.

Make sure you’re working in well-lit conditions but without light reflecting off the computer screen.

Visit your optometrist about every two years for eye tests, and make sure they know you use computers a lot.

Middle-distance glasses can help with computer work if you are middle aged or older.


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