Make 2018 the year of the HEALTHY workplace

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Adopt a healthier lifestyle, exercise more, save money, contribute to a cleaner environment…

Many of us are good at setting goals, but actually achieving them remains a challenge when achieving a health workplace. Where do we go wrong? And, in specific terms, what can we do about it?

People are physiologically and psychologically designed to  live in the here and now. Our ancestors managed to survive  because they were able to quickly respond to opportunities  and dangers as they occurred. As Daphna Oyserman, social  scientist at the University of California, puts it, this focus on the moment – instead of daydreaming about future goals – ensured that our ancestors did not fall prey to the many  predators that crossed their path.

Our brains are wired in the ‘here and now’, and this becomes painfully clear when we try to turn our good intentions into actions in the healthy workplace that we know will benefit us and our colleagues. The sweets jar at work suddenly becomes very hard to resist, even if we have made it a point to eat fewer sweets. And that makes sense, because for our ancestors, not grabbing sweets would have decreased their chance of survival. If you are sensitive to snacking, you could say you simply have a well- adjusted survival mechanism!

However, in our Western society, where we have access to plenty of food and drink, far too many unhealthy snacks and passive pastimes, this ‘well-adjusted survival mechanism’ unfortunately has a disastrous impact on our survival chances. We are becoming overweight and prone to cardiovascular diseases, and we are faced with psychological issues.

“In these modern times, people with the strongest focus on the future seem to have the best chance of survival. In these modern times, people with the strongest focus on the future seem to  have the best chance of survival”.

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Source: Bakker Elkhuizen

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