Stimulate with an enriched working environment

Are your employees still working in an office environment with grey-white walls, fluorescent lighting and generic office furniture?

Then according to neuroscientists, this is a wasted opportunity. As is happens, research shows you can stimulate the brains of your employees by ‘enriching’ the working environment more. And that in turn ensure they perform better at work.

How you can provide a more active working environment

We train our brains and make new connections within and between regions of the brain by means of enrichments. That way, our brains remain in better condition and we perform better, including at work. We also train our ‘minds’ via enrichment of the office environment.

That could include visual stimulation (not a grim and bleak environment), as well as more movement and sensory stimuli. The working environment therefore needs to be set up in a way that invites diverse and dynamic use rather than static use.

Specifically: consider a sit-stand desk. By alternating between sitting and standing, we change our visual stimuli and at the same time, have more space for other postures and movement. But there are also dynamic seating solutions that provide more variation of movement without compromising on comfort.

All employees and employers benefit from the brain being stimulated and thus remaining youthful and healthy.


It might be easier than many people think to make positive ergonomic changes at work, resulting in improved health and wellness. A few changes that can be implemented include:

  • Take breaks to stretch throughout the day.
  • Swap out the elevator for the stairs.
  • Consider making your meetings standing ones.
  • Find the FACIO UK products that works best for you and your office.

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