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FacioUK introduces the innovative TabletRiser: the all-in-one solution for the heavy users of iPads or tablets. This tablet holder is the solution for being able to work comfortably with a tablet more often and over a longer period of time.

TabletRiser: comfortable working with a tablet

The tablet outgrew its gadget phase a long time ago and an increasing number of organisations now equip their staff with this handy device. However, the use of tablets for work is very different to watching videos or surfing the internet at home on the couch. Working on a tablet for lengthy periods is a lot less comfortable and can even cause physical complaints in the long term. To meet this need we have launched to the UK, the innovative BakkerElkhuizen TabletRiser, the all-in-1 solution for heavy tablet users.

What is the TabletRiser?

The TabletRiser is an all-in-1 solution for working on a tablet comfortably, more frequently and for a longer period. The fact that you can steplessly adjust your tablet to any imaginable angle (a unique feature with respect to similar products) means you can work more efficiently and for a longer period without suffering any back, neck and shoulder complaints. In addition, the TabletRiser provides the space to allow you to also take your favourite compact keyboard with you. This keyboard is not attached to the TabletRiser, meaning you can place it in the position that works best for you.

How TabletRiser works:

Advantages of the TabletRiser

  • Universal: can be used for all kinds of tablets from 9.7 to 10.5 inches (maximum dimensions of tablet 320 x 195 mm).
  • You do not lose on mobility: your tablet and accessories can be easily carried anywhere in the stylish case.
  • The best protection for your tablet owing to an anodised aluminium housing.


Why use the TabletRiser?

An increasing number of people use the tablet intensively: at home and at work. At home on the couch, one holds the tablet in one’s hand while watching videos or surfing the internet or typing a short message now and again. For those who do a lot more with their tablet and who use their device for work to make notes, read reports or send e-mails, a digital keyboard on the screen is far from ergonomically ideal. Placing one’s tablet on a table or on one’s lap causes the user to automatically bend forward, which places extra stress on back, neck and shoulders. An apparent remedy is to buy a keyboard in a special cover. Nevertheless, this often inadequately solves the problem. You can certainly achieve the desired result with a (separate) compact keyboard and a tablet support, which you can use to adjust both the angle and viewing height. This package still has to be handy and light enough to take with you anywhere. And that is precisely what the TabletRiser offers you.

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