England leads the way in International Flexible Working Survey

We are now able to share the results of the ‘International Comparative Flexible Working Survey’ with you.

Below you will find the most important conclusions of the survey of BakkerElkhuizen in which no less than 400 HR professionals in Germany, England, the Netherlands and Belgium participated.

England leader in flexible working!

Flexible working is becoming increasingly the norm in Western Europe. In England, 64% of the organisations questioned said that they have implemented flexible working more than a year ago. In Germany that is 57% and in the Netherlands 48%. Belgium lags behind with 38%, but is catching up. Belgium has the most companies that are currently in the middle of rolling out flexible working.

Other conclusions:
• 90% of the HR professionals in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium think efficient and comfortable working is essential for the success of flexible working.
• Germany still appears to be attached to fixed workplaces; the Netherlands has the most flexible workstations.
• In England, HR made the decisions regarding flexible working. In the Netherlands and Belgium, flexible working was realised by a trinity: HR, ICT and Facility.

Source: BakkerElkhuizen

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