Easy to fit and cost effective Thin Client mounts to secure Thin Client computers to the desk, monitor or slat rail systems in a fixed position and give the user more space.  

These Thin Client mounts are supported by simple and cost-effective cable management products which aid space management and health & safety within the working environment.

Images of a thin client computer security desk mount


Perfect for fixing the Thin Client PC to the work surface or to existing monitors using the VESA mounting holes in the unit.

For these applications we have designed bespoke brackets and fixings.

We can also supply ‘quick-release’ and ‘security’ fixings for most solutions.

Image of a thin client mountImage of a Thin Client PC slat wall system fixing mount


The Thin Client PC can be positioned at the rear or side of a standard desk or work surface using a simple desk clamp. The clamp has been designed to work with different thicknesses of desk or work surface. 

Many modern furniture systems use an integrated tool or slat rail system. A special VESA plate fixes the Thin Client PC to the slat rail. Special fixings enable the plate to be used on many of the standard slat rails on the market.
Images of Thin Client PC monitor mounts


Some clients prefer to remove the monitor from its stand and affix to a desk clamped monitor arm.

We have developed several solutions including a simple enclosure which can be fitted to the monitor using the VESA holes and the monitor arm.

The other option is to use a column mounted bracket which holds the Thin Client PC behind the monitor arm.

This is just a small selection of our most popular Thin Client PC mounts.  Please contact us with details of your requirement and we will find the best options for your needs.