Whitepaper: Is it possible to work comfortably on a tablet?

Ergonomic_Tablet_RiserThe use of tablets at work is on the rise. This means that employees are also using their tablet to conduct their everyday work activities like answering e-mails and writing longer pieces of text.

The problem now, however, is that tablets were never designed for these more lengthy tasks. So how can they be used both productively and comfortably? Read the whitepaper.

The right accessories such as a tablet holder, however, make it possible to work comfortably and productively with a tablet. An example of the additional strain caused by prolonged tablet use is the strain on the neck and shoulders caused by having to bend forward to use it. As the drawing here shows, placing a tablet horizontally on a table automatically leads to bending over. Using a tablet holder to lift the screen and adjust it to the proper angle encourages a healthy posture.

The keys of a tablet’s integrated touchscreen ‘keyboard’ provide the user with little if any tactile and auditory feedback. Upon touching the ‘keys’, the user feels no counterpressure and hears no resulting sound. When typing longer pieces of text, using a separate keyboard that satisfies the required norms is the solution.

If you are interested in reading more about the healthy use of tablets, the whitepaper entitled ‘Is it possible to work comfortably and productively on a tablet?’ focuses on the aspects that can make tablet use healthier. Also included is a matrix that shows which accessories are best for making various uses of a tablet.

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