NEW…Compact Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for multiple devices

We are pleased to introduce the BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 940 Compact Wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

A unique ergonomic, Wireless Bluetooth keyboard that can also be used with a USB cable if preferred – the Bluetooth will automatically turn off when the cable is inserted.

Header image for wireless Bluetooth keyboard


Up to 5 wireless Bluetooth computers, tablet devices or smart phones can be connected at the touch of a button. Switching between them is effortless.

It’s so easy to switch between different devices with this multi-pairing keyboard. Compatible with Apple Mac, Bluetooth Windows PC’s, tablet devices and smart phones via a simple keyboard shortcut. For Windows you simply hold the Fn key and press W. For the Mac OS mode hold the Fn key and press A.
(Note: this can only be done in Bluetooth mode!).

Graphic showing Bluetooth capability of the Bakker UltraBoard 940 keyboard to switch between 5 devices

Research by Microsoft suggests that an active computer user covers up to 32km with his or her fingers daily. Therefore, the keyboard is an important part of the computer. This means that choosing the right keyboard is vital.

A compact keyboard does not have a numeric pad. For this reason, the mouse can be placed closer to the keyboard. Research has shown that 90% of keyboard users seldom, if ever use the numeric pad. A compact keyboard ensures that the user adopts a good ergonomic posture. As the keyboard is narrower than the standard type, the mouse range is reduced. This enables the adoption of a beneficial, ‘neutral’ posture.


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